Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Specializing in the Group Travel "Niche"

As a travel agent who specializes in the group travel market I have to stay on top of the ever changing travel trends in this niche. Being a group travel specialist it is important to focus on each group individually to design and customized an itinerary to fit their needs and interests. You may have two groups going to the same place for completely different reasons and expectations. Customizing is the key for a group travel niche.

There is no end to the types of groups you can rally up. There are theme groups, adventure/adrenaline junkies, history seekers, hobby enthusiasts, foodies, work groups, reunions, just let your imagination flow! I love the group travel niche because its challenging and you get to form relationships with your groups.


  1. Lisa, thank you for commenting on our article about Monterey, Carmel & Salinas, California which appeared recently on our Snobby Tours Travelblog at

    We agree wholeheartedly with your comments on your Blog article above. We are finding that as the "logistics of travel" both within and outside of the USA are becoming more and more challenging, that many people increasingly seem to prefer traveling with groups of friends whom they know beforehand.

    Snobby Tours®, Inc. and its USA touring division, Americana Heritage Tours by Snobby Tours®, Inc.™, specializes in offering unique, custom-created heritage and cultural tours. Over the years, we've also been asked to create Itineraries for "niche interest" groups seeking travel experiences relevant to their focus which are not accessible to the general public, are not "pre-packaged", and which cannot be found elsewhere.

    As an example, we recently took a group "behind-the-scenes" at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art on a day when LACMA was closed to the public for a conversation with a curator, an art collector, and a private visit to a Special Exhibition.

    We agree with you that it's a challenge staying on top of travel trends; and, as you have pointed out, there are many types of travel groups which exist, or which can be created, for people with "niche interests", such as in history, heritage preservation, various hobbies, regional cuisine, the cultural arts, wine & food, culinary classes, etc.

  2. wow it is good to hear that,you have similar challenges to us but the best thing about it is when they have a good time ,it is worth more than a million dollars.
    Having specialized in offering immersions for groups we also face the same challenges and this article was nothing but inspiring be well KEEP ON KEEPING ON !!!!!!