Monday, January 24, 2011

Why book a group? Let me count the reasons why!

There are so many reasons for someone to book a group, its hard to know where to start but the main reason is they are FUN!! Whether you're setting up a small reunion of friends at the lake for a day or taking 50 seniors on a tour of the holy lands, its the getting together, sharing meals, conversing and spending time with one another that makes the effort and planning well worth it.
The ideas to put together a group are almost limitless....class reunions, family reunions, business, educational groups, hobbies, workshops, church groups, theme groups the list goes on and on.
Not only is traveling with a group fun but you also get the benefit of group discounts and most group travel planners get to travel for free!
Whatever your incentive is, having the right person to handle the details of group travel is essential. It takes lot of experience and group travel knowledge to be an expert in this field.


  1. Thanks for this post about groups! I booked a group of 47 on an Alaska Cruise last August, and everyone had a blast!
    Tamyra Nash
    My Savvy Vacation

  2. Group travel can be a wonderful way to celebrate trips with friends and those who share similar interests. Any tips on how you can generate interest to get enough travelers together for a group?